I have always used the real names of everyone in my family. I’d like to change all the names to nicknames, but I have over 500 posts. Is there a tool that can be used for automatically replacing the names of my family members in all of my posts?

What you’re looking for is a batch search and replace function. These are common in web design software (e.g., Dreamweaver) and in applications like Notepad or MS Word. Unfortunately, they are not as common in average blog applications. All is not lost, though. I found a few things that may help you.

WordPress offers a plug-in called APAD that allows you to search and replace text across all your posts.

Typepad users can find information from this help article in the Typepad Support Knowledge Base. Looks like you need the Pro level or above if you want to search and replace across multiple posts.

Blogger users may be out of luck, I’m sorry to say. I was unable to find a way to do a batch search and replace. That, of course, doesn’t mean there’s not a way, but I couldn’t find it if there is. Perhaps one of our readers will be so kind as to comment on this.

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  1. Karly June 18, 2007 / 11:20 am

    Not to long ago I went through and changed all the names of my kids and husband on my posts. I just opened each post to edit and then hit Ctrl F and searched for each of their names in the post. It definitely saved time because I didn’t have to read each post and I was sure I didn’t miss any!

  2. MelonCamp December 7, 2007 / 9:32 pm

    Blogger is not good for batch and replace, and while this might be obvious, the best solution I’ve found is to:
    1. Open each post
    2. Hit “Control+F” and enter the word/name you want to find
    3. Manually replace each one(unfortunately)
    And then at least you can be sure to find each word/name you are going to replace.

  3. rebekah September 16, 2008 / 10:07 am

    Anything new with Blogger on replacing names before I do it the long way.

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