Does My Alexa Ranking Hold Any Value?

Understanding SEO and Alexa RankingI recently received this question about SEO and Alexa rankings.

Can you please share some insight about SEO? I’ve read about it online, but I don’t undestand it much. Does my Alexa ranking hold any value? How can I improve it?


There’s a lot that goes into SEO and it’s an ongoing process. You can’t set it and forget it, unfortunately. I’m going through a process with my own blog right now where I’m updating content and adding Pinnable images to articles that were around before Pinterest.

I suggest reading and re-reading the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO. It’s packed with information even for those who think they have SEO nailed.

You can relax about Alexa…sort of. It’s not a good indicator of popularity and it can be gamed (just install their search toolbar and you’ll see your ranking improve). Having said that, marketers and advertisers don’t have much more to go on since stats are private (Google Analytics, Statcounter, etc.). They resort to using Alexa, Comcast, and other tools that aren’t a good measure.

What I’ve found to be the best way of growing is simply networking within and outside of your niche. Conferences are a great way to do that, as are Facebook groups, group Pinterest boards, etc.

What do you have to add? I’d love to hear your insights and opinions.


  1. Thanks a lot, It is very helpful, I read the guide and picked up few key points like adding alt txt to images. Changing the titles to h1/h2, meta tags, descriptions, Keywords and small small stuff like that. I am focusing on making internal links even.
    Thanks for help.

  2. Hey Melanie, this is very nice and helpful too. I use to think of this question many a times.

  3. I believe anything that can be gamed (and easily gamed at that) can’t be valuable in terms of a signal. Alexa used to heavily favor technology blogs, since their owners were most likely to have installed the toolbar, but eventually things evened out. I’ve known groups to have agreements just to visit each other’s sites to boost their Alexa scores.

    If you own a site, it’s obviously better to look at your own traffic scores. As an evaluator of sites, I think it’s more valuable to use other metrics like inbound links and Moz stats. SEMRush has a good suite of tools as well too.

    • Jim, excellent insight as always. Alexa *is* ridiculously easy to game.

      Thank you for mentioning tools like Moz and SEMRush. Both are very good.

      When other bloggers ask about how to work with companies if their traffic or stats aren’t high enough, I tell them to spin the pitch. Find out what the campaign goals are, then see how your site matches those goals. If you can show that you can help meet those goals, it may not matter what your overall traffic is or what the unreliable sources like Alexa say.

  4. Its true that by installing the Alexa toolbar will give a push to our ranking. I have tried it myself. But still for bloggers, Alexa is an Important factor right ? So many advertisers or advertising groups determine how good we are by checking our Alexa statistics.

    • Anirudh, no, I don’t put any faith in Alexa at all. And while marketers may consider it, I agree with Jim. There are many other tools you can look at and use.

      I encourage bloggers to focus on their strengths and use those to make a case for working with a campaign or company. For instance, I may not have a lot of traffic for X, but the audience I do have for it listens to my recommendations and follows through. The fact that I have influence on a very targeted audience is leverage I can use to work with the company trying to reach that audience, regardless of my Alexa or Comcast scores.

  5. Hi!
    I’m unable to sign up to my alexa account.
    When I filled the sign up form then it send me a confirmation link but when I clicked on that confirmation link and entered my login details it gives error! Why? Help me

  6. hello; It seams that one of the primary goals of all web masters and search engine optimization experts is to figure out how to game the various ranking systems out there. Since I am currently not using any techniques for gaming alexa, does that mean my improved rankings are earned and a good sign. I think they are, but I have also started monitoring my site and how it returns in google for various keywords and key phrases. I have noticed that my alexa has improved drastically mainly due to blog commenting and sharing but my site still doesn’t rank well enough for my primary key words of used rides used carnival equipment used midway games, used inflatables, etc. so i am working with someone on improving the site layout loading time and sep in general. It would be great if we did have one place we could go to and find out exactly how well our site is doing, but until that happens; we are stuck using a variety of methods and then subjectively judging for ourselves how well we think we are doing. Thanks for the thought provoking post and take care, Max

  7. I definitely agree – Alexa means *very* little…

  8. Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO is really very valuable as it enhance my knowledge . Alexa Ranking only gives number of visitor who’s visit your site . It is believed that a site with an Alexa rating of 100,000 or less receives a decent amount of traffic.
    It’s so provide keywords comparison which mean how much impact of particular keywords your site traffic. Alexa ranking do not have any impact in search engine ranking but it’s importance for advertisers.

  9. Thanks for the nice SEO guide! I also think that Alexa rankings don´t have impact on our rankings.

  10. Just install alexa toolbar and done!

  11. I know that Alexa is not important and yet I keep looking up my score and comparing it to others in my niche. Gah! So unproductive.

  12. Hi Melanie,

    I’m not a big fan of Alexa rankings. But I do keep a watch of my blogs’ Alexa ranking, just to measure the progress made by them.

    If a blogger wants to monetize his blog through ads and sponsored content, he/she must keep an eye on Alexa rankings. Because, as you said, most advertisers rely on these rankings to determine popularity of a blog.

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