Choosing the Best Link Generator for Your Carnival

Blog carnivals can be a great way to promote community and increase traffic not only to your site, but to your participants' sites. But how do you do that? With a linky tool. A linky tool allows carnival participants to submit a title for their link and a link to their site. The linky tool then takes that info and creates a list. You can see linky tools in action at some popular carnivals like Works-for-Me Wednesday or Mantel Party Time. Works-for-Me Wednesday is using Linky Tools, while Nester's Read more [...]

Blog Roll Etiquette and Advice

I recently received a great question about blog rolls. The question was whether or not you should contact the people you put on your blog roll to let them know that you're linking to them. Then I started thinking about all the issues related to blog rolls, the etiquette behind them, the usefulness of them, and whether they're worth the trouble. I'm going to explain the basics of blog rolls, then I'm going to tell you my opinion of them (and you might be surprised). Blog Roll Basics What is a Read more [...]

4 Blogging Etiquette Tips for Beginning Bloggers

Blog etiquette is something seasoned bloggers sometimes take for granted, but many beginners are just discovering. Melanie Nelson gives five blogging etiquette tips that will help beginners (& remind experts) to be a good neighbor in the blogging community. Read more [...]