Blissdom Recap: SEO & Counting What Counts (Pt. 2)

Yesterday I shared some of the main tips from the Blissdom Wisdom Workshop SEO & Counting What Counts presented by Kelby Carr and Angela England. Today I want to give you the rest of the tips they shared, but it won't be quite as detailed as yesterday's recap. I love bulleted lists and this is just the time to share a few. The Quick & Dirty List of SEO Tips Blog Posts Use a good, clear title that tells reader what the post is about. Use bold subheads for clarity (header tags have Read more [...]

I often see on blogs that people say “these are the top ten searches used to find my blog” or something like that. How do I find out this information for my blog?

This information is found from your stat counter software. All stat counters that I know of have a link that will show you your search engine results. If you click on that link you will see the key words people are searching for to find your blog. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's creepy, and sometimes it's relevant. At any rate, it's always good to keep tabs on how people are finding your site so you can make any necessary changes to your content. In addition, Daily Blog Tips has another Read more [...]