Should I choose a free or a self-hosted blogging platform?

If you’ve thought about starting a blog, you’ve most likely come across the terms free blog host and self-hosted blog. This article will explain each of those terms and the pros and cons associated with both.


Free blog: A blog that resides on the host’s (your blogging platform’s) server (, etc…).

Pros of  free blogs : Easy to start and maintain a blog. No (domain and hosting) costs involved.

Cons of a free blog:

  1. They appear to be less professional. But if you are not serious about blogging, then you should give it a go.
  2. Less control over your blog.
  3. Limited bandwidth for content, videos and images.
  4. (and some others) does not allow advertisements.


Self-hosted: A blog that resides on the user’s (your) server (e.g., or Moveable Type). When using a non-hosted blogging platform, you must pay a third-party to host your blog (for example iPage blog hosting).

Pros of Self-Hosted blogs:

  1. Full control over your blog
  2. Control over permalink names (which can help with SEO).
  3. Control over how archives and menu’s are managed.
  4. Unlimited free themes.
  5. Your OWN domain name

Cons of Self-Hosted blogs: Can be intimidating to new bloggers because they must discover how to set up a server via a third party.


I would suggest that anyone just starting out with a new blog should start with WordPress (BloggingBasics is built on a self-hosted WordPress). It doesn’t matter whether you are choose self-hosted or a free version of WordPress – they are both great.


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