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How can I change the default font in my Blogger template?

As always when working with your template and HTML, I strongly suggest you back up your template before you make any changes.

The font should be fairly easy to change on any template. If you go to Layout > Edit HTML > search for font, you should find some code that looks like this:

<Variable name="bodyFont" description="Text Font"
             default="normal normal 100% Georgia, Times New Roman,Sans-Serif;" value="normal normal 100% Georgia, Times New Roman,Sans-Serif;">

The code will vary depending on your template, but it will look similar.

The parts you need to pay attention to are the parts in bold in the example above. Notice that they match. Georgia, Times New Roman, and Sans-Serif are types of fonts. By listing them in order, the code is telling your browser to display the text in Georgia. If that’s not available, display the text in Times New Roman. If that’s not available, display the text in any sans-serif font.The browser just goes down the list until it finds something that works.

You can change this information, and thus the font displayed on your blog, by changing the name to the font you’d like to use (make sure you change both places–see bold in code above).

Preview your changes and see how you like it. If you don’t, you can always revert back to the original because you backed up your template before you started. Right?

7 thoughts on “How can I change the default font in my Blogger template?”

  1. Hi! Thanks for this post! I always worry that my blog would look and feel different when viewed from other people’s computers/phones, so this post is very helpful. Right now I’m using a font style called Crimson Text, and I’m not sure if that’s something that’s available everywhere. Well, anyway, how about how to change the font size? That’s also something I’m having some trouble with. Thanks again!

  2. Hi,
    I want to get default data in blogger post. I’m trying to start a software review blog. I want my blog like this that when I go to New Post page there is the default text, like
    Software name:
    Relaease Date:
    A specific space for the screen shot of the software environment.
    And a description area.

    I need all this ready when I start making new post.

    Is it possibe? if yes then can you help me in doing this?
    Thank You in advance. 🙂

  3. How do I make my layout template wider than it is now. I have seen this template as wide as the page? You say there are no stupid questions:) Will I need to come back here for the answer? or will I get a email? OH I have looked under layout nothing there to make it wider.

  4. Where do I find “layout”. I’m on wordpress and would like to change the font of my template/design but you say to click on layout and I can’t even find this button. Any help?? Please?
    Tx, I.

  5. I’m trying to change the font on my posts. I tried following your directions. I got as far as Edit HTML. Then you say search for font and I couldn’t find that. Please expand on where I should find that.
    Thank you.

  6. There are some inline codes which modifies some codes inside the &ltbody&gt tag and other tags. Anyway, it might be a good idea if you generalize it. 🙂

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