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Screencast Tutorial: How to Post at Blogger

Today I have a screencast (How to Post at Blogger) that starts where the How to Start a Blogger Blog tutorial left off.

(If the tutorial links above ask you to download the .swv file to your desktop, please use these links instead:

These links will open a new tab or window with, which is where I house my screencast tutorials. You can then view them online rather than downloading them.)

Once you’ve started your blog, you’ll be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Once you click on the orange arrow that says Start Blogging, you’ll be see a screen that looks like this:

You’ll notice three tabs: Posting, Settings, and Layout. This screencast, How to Post at Blogger, covers everything under the Posting tab:

  • How to change the font, size, and weight (bold or italics) of your words.
  • How to make a word or picture link to another blog or web site.
  • How to insert a numbered or ordered list.
  • How to insert a blockquote.
  • How to edit posts.

2 thoughts on “Screencast Tutorial: How to Post at Blogger”

  1. I am hoping you can help. I loaded pictures to my blog using Picasa. The pictures have turned into blank squares with red “x” in the corners. My other pics aren’t doing that. (from picasa) What is going on?

    Thanks for your help.

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