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Facebook’s New Algorithm, Pinterest Giveaways, Email Strategies – Friday Links

Facebook Pinterest and Email List Updates

Facebook Pinterest and Email List UpdatesWhat You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Algorithm

For years Facebook has used EdgeRank as the means for determining what’s seen in each person’s personal newsfeed. Now Facebook has replaced EdgeRank with Story Bumping. Find out how it works and what it means for newsfeeds.

Pinterest Giveaway Rules Update

Whether you’re an agency or a blogger, it’s imperative to know the Terms of Use of any platform before you host giveaways. Pinterest recently updated theirs. Be sure you know what’s what.

8 Effective Email Marketing Strategies Backed by Science

I need to work on my email strategy, so I’ve been researching a few things. This article had some handy tips on when to send your newsletters, how to choose a subject line (the make or break with so many newsletters), how to make your newsletter mobile friendly, and more.

The Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Is the glass half empty or half full? I’ve always been pretty cynical and people chide me to be more positive — and I try. Sometimes it works and sometimes . . . eh. But all isn’t lost. Turns out those of us with a tendency toward negatively can still come out ahead.