Viral Headlines, Blog Design, LinkedIn Networking and More – Friday Roundup

Killer Headlines, tracking Facebook entries, and More! Friday roundup

Every week I keep track of the best articles I can find about blogging and social media. And every Friday I share them with you and give you the chance to share your own best post of the week. Let’s get to it.

Watch Me Write a Headline That Goes Viral — Great headlines are arguably the most important part of your blog post. Carol Tice explains how to consistently divine the perfect post title every time.

Switch Google Adsense to Asynchronous Ad Code for Speed Boost — A lot of bloggers use AdSense, but it may be affecting how your site loads. Jim Wang explains how you can help your site appear to load faster with one simple change.

Eyetracking and the Neuroscience of Good Web Design — “[O]ur eyes [are] drawn to certain common elements of web design– a combination of contrasts, locations, contours and colors.” This is a fascinating read on how we view online design and you can use that to your advantage for clicks and sales.
There’s a Right Way to Do Online Networking If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably using LinkedIn at least peripherally. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal for advice on using LI and other platforms to really make the connections you need to make and network more successfully.

OK, your turn! What did you write this week that we should know about? Share your best in the linky below.

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  1. Thanks for starting the Friday Roundup, Melanie. I probably won’t be able to post any of my stuff as it doesn’t apply to this audience but I’ve already found some helpful articles here.

    I run across great pieces on the internet all the time, though, so I can contribute that way.

    • Kay,

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you *will* contribute to the Friday linky. The beauty of it is that I’m not expecting people’s articles to be about blogging or pertain to my particular audience. I have a very diverse community. My goal here is just to showcase everyone’s writing and introduce people to new options. I hope you’ll participate in any way you see fit. Glad to have you here!

  2. thanks for this, I really need all the help i can get. I’m so new to this its frustrating. LOL

    • Janie,

      It can be hard to build up an audience for new blogs. Don’t stop trying! I highly recommend networking groups and conferences as ways to meet others in your niche (and outside your niche). The more people you know, the easier it is to start building community.

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