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Jessica Knapp

Jessica Knapp

Hi! I’m Jessica and this is my cat Larry.

Jessica Knapp has been helping businesses get online since 2006. She is currently the editor of is an internationally recognized site that provides tips and instructions for beginning and intermediate bloggers. It has been featured on Mashable as well as Hubspot’s list of “10 Amazing Blogs About Blogging to Start Reading NOW.”

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Latest testimonials from some of my visitors…

I am a total amateur, but just wanted to say thank you for all of your wonderful information. I have moved from page 56 on Google to page 5 for my niche and it is mostly due to your wonderful tips! Just wanted to say thank you!!! ~Fran

Thanks so much for the information. With one email from you I have figured out blogging problems that I tried to fix for months. Thanks so much for helping learn to blog. ~Katherine

I bookmarked some pages here because they’ve been really helpful. Your work here is very much appreciated especially for folks like me who are not very web savvy. Thanks so much. ~Ness

I really should be asleep right now but I’m having a hard time pulling myself away from your site. I started my blog for a writing course and am quickly becoming hooked. It’s just a personal blog until I find a more interesting subject that I can stick to but I’m having a blast. I really appreciate that every tip comes with a specific LINKED example. That really helps, so thank you! ~Steph