Is there a way for me to keep my blog from being indexed by search engines?

Most bloggers do everything they can to drive traffic to their site; they want their content to be indexed by search engines. However, some bloggers find it a little disconcerting to have strangers find them through seemingly unrelated (to their blog) searches.

If you would like to ensure that the bots from search engines do not index your site for search results, there are ways to do this. Vanessa Fox is an authority on SEO (search engine optimization) and has more information than you can shake a query at. Whether you’re interested in optimizing your search engine rank or taking your blog or web site off the search engine radar, I suggest checking out what she has to say.

If you would like more information about how to take your blog off the search list, you can view this article at Google: How do I request that Google not crawl parts or all of my site?

Now, go out there and optimize those searches! Or, you know, don’t.