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What is the key to writing a successful post?

Writing a successful post is subjective: it depends on what you consider successful, the content you’re covering, what readers want to see, etc. However, there a few things "successful" posts have in common.

  1. Brevity. Try to keep your posts fairly short. If your readers have to scroll down too far, they will likely lose interest. Remember it’s not as easy to read on screen. 
  2. Humor. People love to laugh. Try to find a humorous way of telling a story.
  3. Relevance. People like a sense of community. Try to find a subject that will relate to many people.
  4. Topical.  Instead of giving a laundry list of "what I did today", consider choosing one thing you did and expand on that.  It makes for a more cohesive, essay-type post, which is generally easier to follow.
  5. Indent.  Frequent paragraph indentations are much easier on the eyes, and they make the post feel shorter than it is.
  6. Style.  Good grammar and punctuation really do matter.