Helpful Blogging Links: May 22, 2009


  1. I enjoy so much reading your articles. Melanie you helped me so much to get my blog up and running 2 years ago. I am still learning from you, and wanted you to know I love getting your site by email.
    I had a problem 2 weeks ago, when using Google Doc, to save things I use each week on my blog and copy and paste. The hmtl went crazy leaving spaces, changing the font, and adding apple span on it. I tried to delete most of the spacing and change the size of fonts, too me hours, I know little about hmtl, but learned a lot in this process. lol Still had many spaces but not ones pages long between sentences. I went back to the old editor, thinking this was the problem. Did a practice post and only copied one sentence from Google Doc and it was large spaces. So this week I did everything the old way. Retyping everything instead of copy and paste from Google Doc to my blogs editor.

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