Helpful Blogging Links: Tips for Better Vlogging (video blogging)

James, I think your cover's blown!Vlogging is something I’ve tried a few times, but I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera. I’m working on it, but it’s a struggle. For all you extroverts and interested parties out there, though, I think you’ll find today’s links especially helpful if you want to try your hand at vlogging (video blogging). It’s a great way to take the relationship with your readers to another level.

  • Video and Vlog-It! via Danielle Smith. Danielle is a friend of mine who is known throughout the blogosphere as the go-to gal for vlogging. In a former life she was a news anchor and she knows her way around a camera. She has vlogging down to an art and she shares her experience with you several times a week in the form of video tips to take your own vlogs to the next level. She’s pro and you’ll learn a lot from her.
  • Simple Vlogging Tips by Jendi. Jendi’s another friend of mine who fell in love with vlogging back in 2008. Every Friday she challenges you to practice your vlogging skills by giving you a topic to vlog on — then you have a week to produce the video.
  • How to Be a Vlogging Superstar via Wellsphere. Beth (aka RoleMommy) gives some solid advice about how to start vlogging (hint: be a storyteller). Regardless of the topic, if RoleMommy’s talking, I’m listening.

Creative Commons License photo credit: laverrue