1. I have so many friends who will LOVE this post/information! Thanks for this post!

    • i’ve done all of these things and still it does not fix the problem :(

      i’m trying to fix my step-dad’s account. all of a sudden he cannot post “likes” or “comments” on the posts of friends and family. a box pops up that says he’s blocked and after cleaning up all suspect apps, viruses etc. it still doesn’t work.
      I’ve also emailed Fb, posted on their help and troubleshooting and it still persists. it’s been over 1 week.

      • I have the same problem, the boxes for “likes, dislike and share” has been covered with “xxx” or numbers. Is there still hope ? or shall I close it and open a new one, what about the pictures I have collected?

        • I had same problem. Your account is infected as well which is probably creating you to follow random people. I am assumming that you see posts by random people , you dont know of.
          Go to your settings, and unfollow all the people that you have followed with out your acknowledgement. Do not forget to change your password as well.
          If you start seeing posting from random people again, check who you follow and delete the unknown people or you can click the user and open their profile and unfollow there as well. Hope it helps

  2. Thank you very much. I found your post from Ronni Bennett’s site. I got caught by the same virus. I never saw the supposed picture of me and tried to bail out before I gave them any info, but they got it anyway.

  3. Great info! I hate those folks who create viruses. It’s just evil.

  4. Great information as usual, Melanie! I just checked all my FB apps.

  5. Thanks for sharing the post, Jennifer! I’ve had so many people asking me what to do about viruses that I figured it was worth a post. It’s a good idea to check your apps periodically, anyway, if if you don’t have a FB virus.

  6. Ruthe, that’s what happens to a lot of people. Even I got a Facebook virus in January! I clicked on a link that was related to my friend’s blogging niche. Since I trusted her links and I know she regularly works with various brands, I clicked and allowed the app! I know. It was a ridiculous mistake, but we all make it at one time or another.

  7. Jen, wouldn’t it be amazing if people spent their time hacking to SOLVE problems instead of CREATE them?

  8. Jenny, Thanks for coming by! Checking your apps periodically, even when you don’t have a virus, is always a good idea. I sometimes forget there are apps I no longer use.

  9. And now, I can see that my threaded comments aren’t working so I’m adding that to my TO FIX list. {sigh} It never ends, does it? :)

  10. Thank you for the info. I will check out my site and also pass this on.

  11. Natasha says:

    Thanks so much! My curiousity got me clicking a link I had a feeling was a virus. I don’t know why, I was being stupid.

    So if I change my password to my account, does that mean whoever had access to my information can’t get to it anymore? Will he continue to use it / have access to it? And will I have to delete my account? Because I really don’t want to have to start it all over and erase everything…

    Again, thank you for the post!

  12. Natasha,

    Changing your password should be enough. The app won’t be able to access your information or use your account to spread the virus. You don’t have delete your account or start over.

  13. There is NO such thing as a facebook virus!
    There are spy-programs that can register your password for facebook, but it is NOT enough to click on a link, you actually have to run a program(trojan program). And the only thing you need to do to stay safe, is never to run programs that you don’t know are safe.

    Clicking on a video or a picture cant give you virus, since viruses can’t spread through those kinds of files. avoid files that end with .exe

  14. Theresa Richardson says:

    I posted to my friends that anything sent by me will ALWAYS have unique characters after the end of the message – ♫ ♫ is one of two that I use. They know if one or the other characters isn’t there, it’s spam/and/or virus. ♫ ♫

  15. Angel007 says:

    Thanks for the informations….. :)

  16. I opened an email from “Facebook Administrator” and a popup called “Security Shield” appeared. It is impossible to get rid of. No matter where I go on my computer, or try to go, it pops up. What can I do to stop it? Is it a virus which infects the whole computer?

  17. Cilena R. says:

    I believe I have a virus on my facebook account and I just don’t knw what to do. The info here helped but I can’t access facebook through my computer. Did the virus affect my computer? And every time I try to login, it says that facebook is having temporary technical problems! HELP ME!! =[

    • the same thing happens to me, I’ve tried everything and i still can not enter on my account :/

    • mine too says:

      I thought it was just me mine is doing that too. I can’t run any scans I can only get on certain web pages. I can’t download any new virus protection or use the one I had. I can’t even open my internet exployer I can only get on google chrome & after so long it kicks me off. Any help here??

  18. sara hopkins says:

    ive being tagged in a video now i can’t get on facebook at all but can get on the internet. ive tried resetting my password and can’t even get on can any1 help please??

    • Matthew Random says:

      The same exact thing happened to me. I can surf anything, but I can’t get to whatsoever. A profile that had the same last name as me, “I thought it was a relative” sent me a link to a youtube site. A video that I was supposed to be in. After that, everything was messed up. Even my Microsoft Security Essentials is acting strange. I hate it. It’s been almost a week. I wish someone knew how to fix this.

      • The same thing happened to me.. A friend sent me a link to a video claiming that I was in it..i clicked it and now i cant even go on to try doing this changing password thing.

  19. Chadrick says:

    :( this wont work for me because I cant even log on or even go on Facebook for that matter… My computer wont allow me to.. But I’m sure if i use another PC it will work..But thats the thing now I cant get to use a next one.

  20. i got a virus in a chat.I’m used to random links in chats that are dodgy,but this one actually held a conversation with me as if it was really my friend talking and sending me a legit link.I’ve removed all the threats from my p.c and changed my password now,and i hope it’s okay.

  21. Thank you for this information. I just happen to click a link earlier then I open again my laptop, after that, I cannot open my facebook account using my laptop anymore. I used my friends laptop to change my password and reinstall the browser. facebook told me that there is someone opening my account, a place far away from me. It was being hack and virus at the same time and evrytime I open, log in tag repeated to flash out for me to log in. Then I used “https” and congnited link to open my facebook account.

    thanks again

  22. Firefox is blocking me and saying i cant go through to facebook

  23. Thank you for posting this up! I will spread this website to my friends at facebook ty!!

  24. My son clicked on one of them links not we can not get in to our accounts. I can not get to face book to change password or anything I am completely blocked ???
    I can not even get there to set up a new account! any and all help would be nice – Thanks

  25. i dont know if this happens to everyone… but after ive donne all of that some apps tried to run on my PC… Went and checked download, new install and everything and found the apps in the Temp folder on my hard drive… after i deleted the problematic one ( should not delete everything in there as Windows does not suggest that), fixed the problem…

  26. David julius says:

    When ever i login to my facebook account it’s usual say’s someone tried to login to my facebook account i dnt like these thing pls i beg help me do something

  27. I am not able to login to facebook. If i try to login i am getting the same facebook login page without any errors. How do i get rid of this problem ? Has any virus infected my system ?

  28. i already changed my password but t still keeps showing up? is there anything else to get rid of it?

  29. Antoinette Davis says:

    Did the virus affect my computer? i got a virus in a chat.I’m used to random links in chats that are dodgy,but this one actually held a conversation with me as if it was really my friend talking and sending me a legit link.I’ve removed all the threats from my p.c and changed my password now,and i hope it’s okay. Thanks for sharing the post, Jennifer!

  30. well i don’t remember clicking on any link but my facebook is automaticly posting spam on other people’s profiles, I deleted my account

  31. Help:It says on my fb: It says my account is temporily locked.

    Then I click on continue and it says that there could be a virus.

    Then it says to run an anti-virus software and the Apple Guy told me not to run anything and to contact facebook. I tried….no response

    I cannot even change my password because I cannot accces my account…..I don’t want to do anything until I find out the next step! This is my page:

  32. I got a VIRUS from facebook named . Thanks to your help i have been able to get rid of it. i was about to lose my facebook account. Now I am happy. Thank you.
    I immediately clicked on the change account setting and changed my password.

  33. Patrice R says:

    Thanks for posting this, a friend sent a wall post saying to not open half an hour after opening the link. I did everything you said to do and feel a little safer now. I only wish I could post this link to my friends now to give them the info, but since I told them to not open links from me for a week or so… I can’t!

  34. Thank you sooo much for the in formation!

  35. my message in facebook dosen’t come timely.suddenly all messages comes togather and i saw those message was sent long this a virus?and what should i do now??

  36. I did all of that and I still get spam posted to my wall advertising for other companies and such. I have deleted all of my apps, changed my password multiple times, and went through all the programs on my computer to make sure they’re legit. The spam bot hacks anyone who logs in using my computer. I have tried everything! Please help!

  37. Does this get rid of the virus?

  38. i still cant get rid of it! PLZ HELP ME SOMEONE

  39. I have a bug/virus that has attached itself to my facebook page and everytime I open FB, it kicks me out and takes me to a search page on google saying the address I searched is incorrect, I’ve never heard of this company and never searched them. I know that someone posted a link on my FB wall but I deleted it, howver ever since that happened, I can’t get rid of this problem. I followed all the steps as mentioned above, deleted chrome and firefox and installed them but it’s still there. Is there any way I can get rid of it? My anti-virus system hasn’t found it on my computer so it must me only on my FB page. Help

  40. When I try to login into facebook I have a url attached to it called atualizacao obrigatoria. It appears to be a file sharing but when I went to download it MacPhee recognized it as a potential threat so I deleted it, but it still comes up when I type in
    I tried the https link but it says website cannot be found. Any suggestions?

  41. Awesome information.Thanx alot

  42. I followed but iv still got a virus. It stated about editing my apps but my profile is so unresponsive that the edit button doesn’t even work. What should i do. About 80% of my profile is unresponsive???

  43. every time i try to write a comment of like something on facebook it tells me there is an error with the database to try again later so i tried to change my password but it is saying that my current password is wrong? anyone any suggestions? it has also stopped showing me my notifications and i cant upload pictures either

  44. debbie smith says:

    i have obviously clicked on something i shoud not have and now when i try to open my facebook page it indicates that there are maleware. now without knowing whether to click contiue to try to delete my account, how will i do this? Also, will there be anyone elses in the house affected since mine is? We have seperate accounts but use the same computer.

    I really hope i can get thru this, but not sure of where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  45. Jasmine says:

    I have this thing on facebook going around for a few hours now today, its posting on random peoples statuses and I have no idea who they are, saying stuff like:
    Did you know tthey were recording you? This is ccertainly odd! ha ha
    It’s getting annoying and Im not posting that stuff either. How do I get rid of it?? someone help..

  46. Jasmine Anderson says:

    This is AMAZING!
    I fell (stupidly) for the “Who stalks you?” Application and I think it is fixed now. Thank the lord!

  47. Well, i have done all the steps listed above. I’m still having problems, you know then like a status option, for me there is a love the status option. When i click on that it spams the status with a link to the video and virus, could i have some extra help.

    • Liam, I’m not sure how to fix your exact issue. However, be sure that you have check the Apps section of your FB Privacy Settings and delete any apps you’re not using. You may even want to delete all of your apps and just start over if it’s a very big issue.

      Also check your browser plugins (you’ll have to Google how to do that since I don’t know every browser’s ins and outs). I once installed a plugin to Firefox and it installed additional ads on my Facebook. I looked everywhere in my FB settings and couldn’t find it. When I looked in my browser plugins, there it was! I deleted it and it fixed the problem.

      I hope that helps.

  48. i opened a link shared by one of my friend on facebook. It directed me to youtube. I watched d same nd closed d profile. After sometime when i sign in my profile was not working. I mean laptop was hanging everytime i tried to open facebook with internet explorer. Only my profile was not opening whereas my sister opened her profile just after me and she was able to. I m able to access my fb account with other browsers like google chrome, firefox etc but not with internet explorer. I thought there is a problem with my internet explorer. So i tried to open my fb account from my dad’s laptop using internet explorer but was facing d same problem. Plz help me and suggest me what to do

  49. i change my password already but the spam virus is stil der please help me :(

  50. I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for.
    Pc Help

  51. Im now wondering if this is a spam/virus too….


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