Four E-Books Your Blogging Friends Will Love: A Gift Guide for Bloggers

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own Christmas list or trying to figure out what to buy for your blogger, you’ll want to check out this list of four e-books bloggers need to read to help them build successful blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning, intermediate, or seasoned blogger, each of these books can offer tips to help you move past a hurdle or just help energize you to continue to build your blog into a successful, well-read blog (and maybe make some money along the way!). What I love most about these blogging e-books is that they are really more like workbooks because each walks you through specific exercises to meet your blogging goals!

Here are my tips for e-books bloggers need to read.

Do-It-Yourself Blog Critique

Author: Melissa Culbertson
Price: Regularly $14, but on sale for Cyber Monday for $10.50!

Melissa has made a name for herself by doing blog critiques at She was receiving so many requests for help that she decided to create an e-book. Learn how to engage your audience via strong navigation, design, and content — Melissa will show you how. She’s having a terrific deal on her book for Cyber Monday, so now is the perfect time to buy. The book is usually $14, but for Cyber Monday you can pick it up for you or a blogging friend for $10.50! Just use code CYBERAWESOME on November 28, 2011 before midnight and you’ll get the deal.
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Mom Blog SEO

Author: Kelby Carr
Price: $19.99

Search engine traffic is vital to the success of your blog. Learn how to set up your blog so it’s as SEO friendly as possible and find and use tools that will help you optimize your content and site so the search engine bots can find you. Kelby explains the ins and outs of basic SEO and how it affects the success of your blog. This e-book isn’t just for mom bloggers! Regardless of your niche, you’ll be able to use the information in this e-book to improve your SEO rankings and traffic.
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31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Author: Darren Rowse
Price: $22.49

This book is one of the best-selling e-books online, helping over 19,000 bloggers build a better blog. Darren recently revamped this e-book and every day in the challenge has been updated for 2012, most days have new further reading and case studies, the workbook now has Twitter integration, and the e-book has seven bonus days (effectively giving you 38 days of content)! So even if your blogger already has the book, they’ll appreciate receiving the updated version.
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30 Days to Make & Sell a Fabulous Ebook

30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous EbookAuthor: Ang England
Price: $11.99

One of the best and easiest ways to earn money from your blog is to create your own product to sell. When you’re a blogger, that usually means creating an e-book. Ang England is a successful e-book publisher and she’s sharing her experience and secrets with you so you can start creating your own e-books and establish a new income stream from your blog. The best thing about e-books is that, after they’re written, they are largely a passive source of income.
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  1. Adrian Quiller May 3, 2012 / 12:47 am

    I guess the 31 Days to Build a Blog book will be handy for me at a time like a this. Where I can get it in stores and how will it be shipped to me?

  2. Eddie Walker May 6, 2012 / 12:53 am

    I need to get mon blog SEO to learn more about SEO writing. Thanks:)

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