7 Books That Will Improve Your Blog

October is National Book Month here in the States. I had big plans to celebrate, but I'm late to the game -- something about planning two blogging conferences back-to-back and not quite finding my groove yet. In the coming days I'll be posting lists of books specific to different aspects of social media including Blogging Using Social Media to Promote Your Blog or Business Making Money Blogging Becoming an Entrepreneur and Starting Your Own Business How Can I Blog Better? I gotcha Read more [...]

What’s the Difference Between Podcasting and Vlogging?

I received a great question today from a reader. She's an author and has been asked to create a podcast. After looking around a bit, she asked me what the difference is between podcasting and vlogging. And you know what? I've been asked this a few times, so I thought I'd write a quick post to help others who need that info. Vlogging is a video blog. "Vlog" is short for "video blog." You have an actual video of you discussing a topic. My friend Danielle Smith is a well-known vlogger; you can find Read more [...]