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What’s the Difference Between Podcasting and Vlogging?

what is podcasting

what is podcastingI received a great question today from a reader. She’s an author and has been asked to create a podcast. After looking around a bit, she asked me what the difference is between podcasting and vlogging. And you know what? I’ve been asked this a few times, so I thought I’d write a quick post to help others who need that info.

Vlogging is a video blog. “Vlog” is short for “video blog.” You have an actual video of you discussing a topic. My friend Danielle Smith is a well-known vlogger; you can find some of her tips on Danielle Smith Media. And I even have some advice on getting started with a vlog, and helpful links on how to create successful video blogs. How long should a vlog be? Shorter is better. The links I just shared will help you determine the standard, but I think 60-90 seconds is usually enough; you may be able to go as much as three minutes, depending on your topic. If you’re doing a how-to video, try to keep it to three to five minutes. Do you like to sit through long videos, or do you like to get in, get the info, and get on your way? Your audience feels the same way.

Podcasting is voice only — it’s like an online radio show. New Media Expo has lots of articles about podcasting. Right here on Blogging Basics 101 you can find advice about starting a podcast. If you’re podcasting, you can go longer because people are likely downloading it and listening while driving, cleaning, relaxing, etc. Some podcasts are 15 minutes, some are 30 minutes. Some are an hour. I suggest heading over to iTunes and searching podcasts in your niche to see what others are doing. Go to BlogTalk Radio as well to see what others are doing.

10 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between Podcasting and Vlogging?”

  1. Hi nelson,

    Vlogging and podcasting really a most famous now a days. But the way you have tried to make difference and show it is really amazing. Really thanks for the nice post.

  2. Video blogs and podcasts can, however, work well together. You can cross promote the video blog with the podcast, and promote the podcast with the video blog. This allows you to get out more of your message in the long run. As people who are subscribing to your video blog start downloading your podcast, they can get different information from you. As podcast listeners subscribe to your video blog, they can get new information as well.

  3. Both of these methods are great if you are passionate about a topic and can provide a use for potential listeners or viewers. In my opinion I prefer podcasting because you are not on camera and have a little more freedom of the situation.

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  5. I know podcasting but not vlogging. I thought it was some topological mistake :-D. I am actually a new blogger but yeah, vlogging is really a strong way to drive traffic and generate income.

  6. Hi Melanie,

    I’ve experimented with both over the years, so I have created about 90 vlogs on YouTube and 8 podcast episodes that are playable on my website or on iTunes. Both can be a lot of fun to do, but they can also require a lot of effort, depending on how many frills one wants to add to the mix. Like anything else, we become better vloggers and podcasters as we practice and learn by doing. I encourage everyone to try doing either or both. It can be a blast!

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