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7 Ways to Be More Creative

Sometimes, inspiration may suddenly hit you out of nowhere without warning and then there are times when being creative is hard work.

Creativity is not something that’s innate. It isn’t a talent either, but a skill that can be learned, nurtured, and developed. Just like driving, sports climbing and coding, creativity takes practice. The more you intertwine creativity into your daily routine, the more it will flourish.

The question is how do you make it part of your daily life? In my new infographic are some drills and tips that would help turn your genius on and get your creative juices flowing.

How to be More Creative HD

4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Be More Creative”

  1. I read your entire post. To increase our creativity, it is very important to have a good rest for the mind and body, do some things that we enjoy, that makes the creative side, thanks for sharing this fabulous post, Thankful.

  2. Great post, the infographic made it even more appealing. However, i do think creativity to some extent is innate and you can always work on it. For instance, artists have this creative ability to paint, draw etc., but with time they can work on polish their skill and enhance it,

    1. This might sound a little confrontational but I mean it all in the friendliest manner.

      As an artist, I have to disagree with my drawing and painting being innate. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours practicing and studying since I was a kid. I’ve noticed most people who say they can’t draw were never taught properly and gave up as a child.

      Some may be better then others but it’s still all the hours of hard work. Not talent, which many artists find to be an insulting word since it dismisses all the hours of hard grinding work.

      As an art teacher, I regularly have students who are surprised by just how well they can actually draw/paint when they learn a few of the basic techniques, rules, and science behind art.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post! I think that not all the people are born creative, that is why all they need to do things differently that can make them creative. there is no doubt, that these seven tips will help people learn, nurture and develop skills to be more creative, but I cannot abstain telling you about one more useful tip! It is a reading, which is one routine that can help you in exploring new opportunities and it will give you enough knowledge to make all your deals quite creative.

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