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Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started

As you consider affiliate marketing for your blog, I encourage you to ensure the products you are partnering with offer value to your readers. No one will be interested in buying a product if there is no related value, right? Figure out what blogs similar to yours. Read them. Look at what ads they are using. Consider how those same ads or affiliates can work for you.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is testing. You will need to test the placement of your affiliate ads to see which placement receives the most click-throughs or purchases. Testing will take time, but as I’ve said before, making money on your blog isn’t easy and you’ll need to put in the effort. Once you find what works for you and your readers, things should go smoothly. One thing I did take away from the Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers panel, though, was that text links seem to work better than banners.

Links for Starting with Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

I have not personally used any of these sites yet. These are simply the URLs given to the audience by the panelists of Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers.

Plug-Ins for WordPress Blogs

There are plug-ins available for your WordPress blog (no, I haven’t found any for TypePad or Blogger) that will make your affiliate marketing easier for you.

Here are some examples of websites that are monetized by affiliate marketing:

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