Money Machine: Books to Make Your Blog Into Big Business

Hey, Melanie, all these people are making serious bank from their blogs, what am I doing wrong?  Don't believe everything you read. Most people are not making thousands of dollars a month from their blogs. It's more likely that they're using their blogs as a place to sell products and services or build authority so they can build a consulting business. Those products and services are where they're making their money, and you can do that too. Buy the books, blow the doors off your money Read more [...]

Are You Hobby Blogging or Problogging?

Like many other bloggers and internet entrepreneurs, I am the proud owner of at least thirty domains. When I first started blogging, everything I thought of was potentially a new business. When the Wii was released, I wanted to do a Wii game review blog (that dates me a little). When I learned about bocce ball, I started a bocce ball blog. When I bought my first grill, up went the grilling blog. My main blog, Microblogger, where I share my experiences building up a 7-figure personal finance blog, Read more [...]