Making WordPress Load Faster

If you are running a WordPress blog, then you are most probably experiencing its most common problem, which is its slow processing. Slow processing of WordPress becomes a real problem when your work is affected by the unavailability of your site. When your website is running slow, it can result in bad reviews, lower sales, poor search engine rankings and even brand reputation damage. Imagine a writer who needs to meet a deadline but the research site is running slowly. Truth is, delay is Read more [...]

Set SMART Goals to Grow Your Business

It's the start of a new year and, as always, we're looking ahead to the opportunities this fresh start can bring. One of the things I do every year is set new goals for myself and for my business. Notice I didn't say "resolutions." For me, a resolution is changing a habit (something like This year I'm going to floss every day.). They're one-offs that, frankly, are easy to push to the wayside in favor of easier or more immediate gratification. A goal, on the other hand, is something to work Read more [...]

Money Machine: Books to Make Your Blog Into Big Business

Hey, Melanie, all these people are making serious bank from their blogs, what am I doing wrong?  Don't believe everything you read. Most people are not making thousands of dollars a month from their blogs. It's more likely that they're using their blogs as a place to sell products and services or build authority so they can build a consulting business. Those products and services are where they're making their money, and you can do that too. Buy the books, blow the doors off your money Read more [...]