Are You Hobby Blogging or Problogging?

Like many other bloggers and internet entrepreneurs, I am the proud owner of at least thirty domains. When I first started blogging, everything I thought of was potentially a new business. When the Wii was released, I wanted to do a Wii game review blog (that dates me a little). When I learned about bocce ball, I started a bocce ball blog. When I bought my first grill, up went the grilling blog. My main blog, Microblogger, where I share my experiences building up a 7-figure personal finance blog, Read more [...] – A New Way to Build Your Personal Brand is a lot of things and it doesn't fit one mold. It's part social media, part or allows you to take the best parts of your social profiles and showcase them in one place. In short, it helps you build your personal brand. I don't usually pay too much attention to the bajillion press releases in my email every day, but because I like both and, I wanted to see how would stack up. The tool is still in beta, so keeping that in Read more [...]

3 Critical Tips to Pick the Right Target for Your Conference Sponsorship Pitch

Wouldn’t it be so awesome to get a brand to pay you to go to a conference? Of course it would be. Everyone likes a free trip to hang out with friends not to mention the possibility of advancing your blog. Here are 3 things you need to know about pitching a blog conference sponsorship: #1 If you’re promising “awareness” talk to PR, not marketing It’s very, very, (did I mention very?) difficult for the marketing department of a brand to justify sending a blogger to a conference. That’s Read more [...]