Skip to content – A New Way to Build Your Personal Brand - Your Personal is a lot of things and it doesn’t fit one mold. It’s part social media, part or allows you to take the best parts of your social profiles and showcase them in one place. In short, it helps you build your personal brand.

I don’t usually pay too much attention to the bajillion press releases in my email every day, but because I like both and, I wanted to see how would stack up. The tool is still in beta, so keeping that in mind I created a quick profile. And I do mean quick. It’s very easy to get started.

To create your profile you pick and choose the best parts of your various social profiles and share those on your page. You’re essentially building an online resume, but it’s different from LinkedIn because you can include the best parts of your career/projects instead of a laundry list of everything you’ve worked on.

I did find some room for improvement though. There are options for Blogger and Tumblr, but not WordPress; options for Twitter and Klout, but not Facebook or Pinterest. They do have Slideshare and that’s handy. I tried to link to some of my local Fox23 news appearances, but it didn’t work because of the way the news station handles those links. I host my tutorials on Wistia because it can handle high-volume traffic without buffering, so I was out of luck there as well. That was frustrating, but if you have video on Vimeo or YouTube, you’ll be fine.

As I mentioned, the is definitely in the beta stage: the FAQ is populated with questions, but doesn’t link to answers. In fact, when I went to the FAQ page, it asked me to sign in (I already was). I re-signed in because I thought maybe the FAQ wasn’t working because the site thought I wasn’t logged in. But I was redirected to my personal page instead of the FAQ page. When I clicked back over to the FAQ, still no links and another request to sign in.

The biggest issue with is that there’s little customization other than the option to add a circular image – a headshot or personal logo, perhaps. The site has potential, but it’s not quite as snazzy as or I’d love to see some better options for graphics.

I can appreciate that is trying to look at the static About Me page niche in a new way – that’s the way things get better. I love that you can cherry pick your best work from various outlets and have them all in one place. just seems rather plain comparatively. looks like a resume with its white background and few options for customization. I think part of the reason and are popular because they allow the user to instill a bit of their personality into the page. I’ll be interested to see how evolves through the beta phase into launch.

You can view my Melanie Nelson page at And make your own page at

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  1. I have also created my personal social profile on after reading your post that is really nice but it is not touch to the level of

    1. Hello Ritivik, we are glad to have you aboard!

      What else would you like to see in your profile? It would be nice to hear your thoughts or any other feature requests you might have

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    I have no idea if this will be helpful aside from Google PR and indexing but lets see. I’ve created my little page and must say it’s fairly easy and pleasant to do. Thumbs up!

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