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How Do I Use WiseStamp to Create an E-mail Signature?

WiseStamp LogoE-mail signatures are an easy way to promote yourself and your projects in your everyday correspondence. They’re fairly un-intrusive (if you keep them short and simple), but they let your peers know what you’re working on and how they can contact you via social media. I use WiseStamp for my e-mail signatures and I’ve had several people ask me how they can get the same type of signature. So today I’ll show you how to set up and use WiseStamp for your own elegant e-mail signature.

I like WiseStamp because it allows me to customize my signature with a few links, but it also uses icons for popular social media sites that I belong to. This is what my signature looks like:

WiseStamp Signature

The signature is short, informative, and, best of all, easy to set up! To set up your own signature, just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Download Now button. This will download the software to your computer (it’s safe) so you can customize it an use it. (You may have to re-start your browser in order for it to recognize you’ve installed new software.)
  3. Find the WiseStamp icon in the bottom right corner of your browser (it looks like the old-fashioned ink stamp with a handle that they in their logo).
  4. Click on the WiseStamp icon and choose Edit Signature. A new dialog box will come up with information you can customize. At the top of the dialog box are two tabs: General and Settings

The General Tab
This is where you’ll be able to see what your signature looks like as you build it. You can even build different signatures to appear on business or personal e-mails.

To start building your signature, choose whether this is your personal or business signature, then start typing your information into the text box. This is the info I included (but you can use whatever is relevant to you):

You can use the dashboard to add formatting to your signature. Just highlight whatever you’d like to format and choose the related button from the dashboard. For example, if I wanted to bold my name, I’d highlight Melanie Nelson, then click the B button on the dashboard. To add a link, highlight the URL or word(s) you’d like to make into a link and click the link button (looks like the earth with a chain link). Then type in the URL or permalink you’d like to include. In my own signature, I linked all of the URLs to their respective web sites and the title of the book to Amazon.

Once your text signature is complete, look underneath the text box and start filling in the relevant social media accounts, IM, and RSS information. I like to include my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. I also included links to the BB101 Tumblr blog and the BB101 Amazon store. If you look at my signature above, you’ll see the social media icons for each item.

Settings Tab
The settings tab gives you even more options relating to how your signature will display. I won’t go into each of the options because that would take too long. However, you can try things and tweak or change them as necessary until your signature looks exactly as you’d like it to appear.

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20 thoughts on “How Do I Use WiseStamp to Create an E-mail Signature?”

  1. Emily,

    I’m not sure, but my first guess is that you’ve created both a business and a personal signature. (Sometimes it’s confusing for me to see which one I’m editing!) If you’re using Gmail, also go into your settings and see what you have set as your signature default.

  2. I tried to edit my wisestamp and instead created a completely new signature. Both are showing up in gmail, even though I have completely deleted any evidence of the old one. Any idea what could be happening?

  3. Hello…I hope you are still monitoring this discussion cuz I need help! I use Chrome and AOL mail. I did everything as per directions, but when I write an email, nothing. I have been chasing my tail around in circles trying to figure out what I’m not doing right. Can you help? Tnx!

    1. Teresa,

      Sometimes you have to restart the browser.
      If that doesn’t solved try to ‘repair’ the installation.
      I had that happen and I had to repair and reinstall.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial for wisestamp. When I went to the page no icon was showing on the bottom right. Then I changed browsers and I saw it in Chrome.

  5. You know I was looking for an easy way to get my sig in my emails and I came across your post here, very informative and I will go use your steps to make this happen for me.

  6. Thats great I was looking for something like wisestamp. I am following your instructions to see how this works. I’m also going to try it out in MacMail. Thanks

  7. I’ve successfully created my signature through wisestamp, and it shows up perfectly in my gmail account. But I can’t get it to show up in my yahoo and also my aol accounts. Should it work in more than one email program from one pc?

  8. I use the Outlook sig. Reading through the comments I see that it doesn’t work on Outlook. How sad.

    One problem I do run into with not showing the full http: in the sig is some virus protection programs will remove all the links before you open the email. Then all the people see is your social network site names with no links to them. How do you get around that? example: versus showing Donna’s Blog with a link embedded.

    1. Donna, I don’t know how to get around that (of if you can) because I don’t use Outlook (I’m a Mac user). However, my initial thought is that you can’t control how the end-user sees the links if they’re using an anti-virus program that strips the links. You could maybe get around it by listing both the name of the site and the link. For example:
      Melanie Nelson
      Blogging Basics 101 (

      That way, if the link is stripped, they’ll still see the URL and can copy/paste it if they like.

  9. This is an awesome tool!
    I created my siggy today …I only wish it was compatible with my domain email but I am using it with Gmail so that’s a good start.

  10. I never got around to making my own signature after reading this post a couple of weeks ago, and was thinking about doing it today, but couldn’t remember the name of the service. Thank goodness I remembered that you were the one who wrote about it!

    Great post and useful information!

  11. Curtis,

    It looks like you’re limited to two signatures. I looked in their help files and couldn’t see a work around. You may want to contact them directly.

  12. Jacqueline,
    WiseStamp is for online e-mail software like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. I know that Outlook and the Mac Mail program both allow you to create personalized signatures, but you’d have to look in the Help files of that software to find the instructions.

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