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How can I link to a particular place in a post?

Linking to a particular place in a post or page requires you to do some simple HTML. The links you are making are called anchor links. They are particularly handy for long posts or posts with long lists. Using anchor links you can create a sort of table of contents or list of items that link directly to a specific part of the page.

The code looks like this:

The Link Code:
<a href=”#linkname”>Item to link further down page.</a>

The Anchor Code:
<a name=”linkname”>Item being linked to on the same page.</a>

It’s important to note that the name of the link (the part within quotes) must be the same (with the exception that the link code also includes the # sign) or the link will not work.

Here is an example of how you could use anchor links in a long post. If you click the links below, you’ll be taken to specific parts of the partial StumbleUpon tutorial re-printed on this page.

Tutorial: Using StumbleUpon

What Is StumbleUpon?
Sign Up & Use StumbleUpon

What Is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a social networking site with a twist: it specifically strives to show you only the sites you’d be interested in seeing. It’s random, yes, but that randomness is based on an algorithm that keeps track of what you like or dislike. The result is fewer sites that waste your time and more sites you’re interested in reading.

Sign Up & Use StumbleUpon

To use StumbleUpon, you sign up for an account and choose your interests (e.g., technology, books, crafts, writing, etc.). Don’t worry, you can add or delete interests if they change.

Install the toolbar (you’ll need to use Firefox or IE to use the toolbar; I have a strong preference for Firefox. There is a work-around if you have Safari or Opera).


StumbleUpon can be great fun for a slow day and it can also be a way to drive traffic to your blog or web site. The key, as with everything, is being an active member of the community.

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