Why Your Brand Needs to Hire a Community Manager Now

If you’re looking to use social media to grow your brand’s presence you have probably heard of online community management, but you may not be sure if you need to hire a community manager for your business. After all, you take care of updating your Facebook page and Twitter account, what else do you really need? A common misconception is that community managers do little more than Tweet out links for the brand. If this is the case for you, please join me now as I take a look at what community Read more [...]

12 Ways to Use Google+ Hangouts for Business

Mention Google+ in a crowd of social media enthusiasts and you'll receive a mixed bag of responses. Most will crack jokes and comment about a virtual wasteland, but after the laughter dies down, a few die hard holdouts will tell you why Google+ is still worthy of your time. For example, Google+ Hangouts have changed the way many people socialize and do business online. Hangouts enable you to have a video chat with at least one person, but potentially as many as you like, and savvy people are using Read more [...]

3 Reasons Your Facebook Brand Page Looks Like a Ghost Town

Starting a Facebook brand page is a good strategy for any business. If maintained properly, Facebook marketing can be an excellent tool and a terrific way to reach your customers. This platform requires daily care, however. It’s not enough to put up a page and leave it. Maintaining a Facebook page and making the most out of the interaction between your brand and your community take a bit of effort. Very few pages yield thousands of followers in the first few weeks and it takes lots of planning Read more [...]