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How to Get 1000 Shares to Your Next Blog Post

Do you want to promote your blog post to more readers? Are you wondering how to get your blog content shared all over the social media?

Creating quality content is important but it’s more important to make sure your content gets seen.

Not everyone who writes a blog gets 1000 shares per post. Quite ironically, some blogs achieve their first 1000 or might be even 10,000 shares within some hours or a day of publishing. Sometimes it can be very tough to get more than 100 honest shares (you can get 500+ by spamming in Facebook groups but it is of no value).

For those who are new to blogging, this article on starting a blog that people will actually read is a great place to start.

While more shares are important for social proof and also showing authority many of my readers have been struggling with low share counts.

That is why I have created the below infographic to help you get more shares from every article you write.

Tips On How to Get 1000 Shares to Your Next Blog Post HD

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1 thought on “How to Get 1000 Shares to Your Next Blog Post”

  1. Thanks for this cool infographic, Jessica!

    Among the many tips, I think one of the most powerful is to have tweetables – not just quotes, but also images. The post that generated me the most traffic had lots of tweeables quotes and images.

    Of course, is not realistic to expect a massive sharing on Twitter for each blog post… but sometimes, even one success may be enough to change an entire blog trend 🙂

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