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Blog Tips From YOU

This week I asked my Blogging Basics 101 Facebook fans to share their best blogging tip for beginners. They had some good ones!

Barbara H.: Blogging is a learning curve. You’ll develop your own vision and writing style over time. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Linda K. of Travels with Children: Pick a blog name/URL that is descriptive, useful, and lasting.

Valerie S. of Writing Tips — Miss Wordy: Be yourself — people like connecting with a real person and your personality is just as much a part of the blog as the content itself.

Dollie F. of Teachers of Good Things: Make your blog easy for readers [to navigate; it should be] clean and inviting! Your great content won’t be read if your readers don’t return.

And, of course, I’ve had a few things to say about blogging tips over the past few years:

What’s YOUR best tip for beginning bloggers?

13 thoughts on “Blog Tips From YOU”

  1. My tip is to optimize.

    Forget about SEO – I mean optimize your working environment! Keep a tidy laptop desktop – keep your files organized and backed up and only bring what you are working on out on to the desktop – then put it back in its folder when you are done. You wouldn’t leave physical files lying all over a desk, so don’t do it with virtual ones. It all gets messy and disorganized and before long you end up wasting time searching for things that you should have spent working (or blogging if you are afraid of the ‘work’ word ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. There are a thousand articles out there about how to write great content, but do you read each one of them? Online readers donโ€™t spend their time on reading a blog which is full of fluff โ€“ everyone wants meat.

    Donโ€™t be the 100th person to write the same thing. 90% of the online people donโ€™t want to read yet another ordinary posts.

    They want unique and unusual content that makes them to read your blog without skimming even a word.

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  3. I like Dollie F’s comment. I think that you need your blog to be natural and user friendly. Make it sound like a human speaking and not a article spinner or such. People catch on quickly to that. As well, SPELLING is important. Nothing can be more of a turn off than typos. Take time to read over your posts to ensure they make sense.

  4. I have just got back into writing my blog after summer is over. I run my own business and have found some useful information on your posts thanks for sharing.At times it can be hard to find time to post on a regular basis.

  5. My tips,
    Start a Small Business Blog:
    >Name Your Blog
    >Unique Content
    > Create a solid tagline
    >Be prepared to generate 500-1000 articles in your niche topic
    > Choose your categories wisely
    >Remember that your business blog is your best marketing effort
    > Images to Enhance Your Posts
    >Write good stuff. Good stuff is Search Engine Optimized content
    >Make and keep the commitment to your business blog
    > Widgets for Your Blog

  6. My #1 tip is to stick with it. Lord knows it can be frustrating when your post receives no comments and no one is subscribing to your page. Blogging is a marathon, not a race. Focus on quality posts and the traffic will come.

    Well, it doesn’t hurt to do some marketing also, but that’s another comment for another day *wink*

    1. Kay, thanks for commenting. Blogging really IS a marathon, not a sprint. And bloggers should accept the fact that at some point they are going to get burned out. At that point, take a break, then come back.

      I’m sure readers would love to hear your thoughts on marketing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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