What’s the best way to respond to comments on my blog?

One of the best ways to engage with your blogging community is to respond to reader comments. But what's the best way? Should you respond to every comment, every time? And how should you respond: within the comments or directly to the commenter? It can get confusing quickly. Luckily, there are options. Do I need to respond to every comment? If you're starting out or don't have a solid following yet, then my advice is to respond to as many comments as you reasonably can. Just as bloggers love Read more [...]

When commenting, why do some people use a profile name and others use their real name? Does it matter which one I choose to use?

As you visit blogs and read comments, you will notice that some people appear to have an alias (e.g., chilihead) and some people appear to be using their real names (e.g., Melanie). Whichever route you choose (alias or real name or blog name), that is the name that will become associated with you. When readers see a comment from your alias or name, they will recognize you as part of a community. There are several reasons I can think of to use an alias: Privacy: Some people are not comfortable putting Read more [...]