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How can I take a screenshot with my iPhone?

iPhone Screen ShotA few months ago I was asked to contribute a chapter explaining Facebook Places & Deals for the book Facebook Marketing For Dummies. I was excited, of course, but I was confused about a significant issue. Facebook Places & Deals are mostly relevant on a smart phone because you need to check into a place via your phone’s Facebook app in order to take advantage of a deal. To show how to use the app and check in, I would need to have screen shots. But how in the world do you take a screen shot of your iPhone’s screen? Thankfully, I found out and the screenshots are in the book. I thought you might want to know how to do it too, and it’s so incredibly easy, you won’t believe it.

How to Take a Screenshot with Your iPhone

While looking at the screen you want to capture, just click and hold the top power button and the round menu button simultaneously. Your phone will take a picture of the screen and store it in your Camera Roll. Now you can send it, text it, download it, etc.

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32 thoughts on “How can I take a screenshot with my iPhone?”

  1. Thanks much for the quick/easy solution to this problem that has plagued me off and on over the last couple years! Won’t be losing any more chances to catch great pics or particularly witty posts/signs any more!:)

  2. thank you very much! it is always good to see that there’s always someone to help you find out new things and won’t mind to share!

  3. K, that just turns off my phone every time. And yes, I’m holding the round menu button. I wonder if my Otterbox is getting in the way.

  4. You do it quickly if you hold both buttons down it will power down just press them together and let go don’t hold them down

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  6. Same as Mae…have tried multiple times and my phone just wants to power down. Maybe there is a setting that needs to be changed?

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this blog, I’ve had my iPhone almost two years and didn’t know how to do this until now!

  8. Idk why it’s not working for me. I hold the power and the home button but asks me to power it off… Not so much :/

        1. Well that might be because she wrote ” click and hold” the buttons. Really, you just click buttons simultaneously. No holding or the phone does turn off.

        2. Thank you for explaining that! I have been wondering lately. Very handy for my instagram posts and a couple other people suggested some grest ways to use it I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for the info!

        3. Melanie,

          This is why men need to ask ladies how to do stuff that is in the “Manual” – cause we don’t read the “Manual”… LOL

          Thanks for the simple tip! I knew it had to be something simple like that. 🙂

          – Eric

        4. I have a Palm Pre Plus, and to do a screenshot you press three keys at once: the gray button on the left (which normally switches to the number/keypad symbol function), the Sym button (more symbols) and the P. The screenshot is saved in the Photos app in its own special category.

        5. Oh I love this! It’s amazing how many things are possible these days – and how easy they are once you *know* how to do something. And the book? Now that is just cool – congrats on being asked to contribute (and so nice to meet you at Blissdom, too)!

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