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How do I backup/download/save/transfer my blog files?

I receive many questions asking how to preserve blogs. It’s a good idea to back up your work no matter what you’re doing. If you’ve ever lost work because you didn’t save (even if it was just in a word processing program), you know how painful it can be to lose your stuff. Computers and servers crash. Not as much as they used to, but there is the occasional loss of work even now.

Today I’ll tell you how to back up your files from Blogger, TypePad, and so you can either save them to your computer, move them to another blogging platform, or make them into a book. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about two companies that will help you make your blog into a book so you’ll have a keepsake forever.

Blogger doesn’t have a backup program, but you can log in to your account and create a file that contains all of your blog posts. Blogger provides instructions for making this backup file. Before you start, make a copy of your template and save it to your computer so you can restore it later (the Blogger instructions remind you of this, but I thought it was worth mentioning here too).

TypePad has an article on why you should backup your content. TypePad also has an export tool so you can create a text file of your blog content. This file will include posts, comments, and trackbacks. Those using Basic Templates will not be able to backup your template; users with Advanced Templates can copy and paste your template into a new text file and save it. is pretty easy. Click on Manage > Export.

WordPress blogs should use the WordPress Database Backup plugin.

Additional help for backing up your blog:

6 thoughts on “How do I backup/download/save/transfer my blog files?”

  1. I teach scrapbooking classes and sell scrapbooks and photo storybooks, and I had a customer ask me about preserving her son’s blog and putting it into a keepsake book. I was going to pass on the information about the two companies you mentioned, but I wondered if your tips for preserving one’s own blog would apply. In other words, is there a way to preserve someone else’s blog? (She wants the book to be a surprise).

    1. Luci,

      I don’t know that there’s a way to preserve someone else’s blog as a keepsake because what you’ll need to do is export the content and upload it to the scrapbook utility. You need the username and password for the site to access the dashboard and run the export option.

  2. In Blogger if you go to the template screen and open the Edit HTML you just copy all that HTML and paste it into a text file. That way it is saved and you just drop it back in there afterwards.

  3. I am using and created the Export file as instructed. The file is 6.6 MB. Are you now going to post information about using this file to create a new blog with a new service? does not allow me to use and so I want to transfer to Blogger.

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