How do I put a line through words in a blog post?

In both Blogger and Typepad, when you compose or edit a post you have the choice of doing it as WYSIWYG or HTML. WYSIWYG simply acts like a word processor and is usually under the tab called “Compose Post”. The “Edit HTML” tab is where you would write your post if you wanted to manually add your HTML tags or change them in some way.

I imagine that you write most of you posts while in “Compose Post”. To cross out words in Typepad, use the “Compose Post” tab and simply highlight the word you want to cross out then click on the S with a line through it on the “Compose Post” toolbar. This S is placed between the button for underlining and the button to choose text color.

To cross out words using Blogger, you will need to write your post then switch to the “Edit HTML” tab. This will show you your post with all the HTML tags you’ve used. Find the word you want to cross out and type <del> before the word and </del> after the word. This HTML code tells the computer to cross out the word it surrounds. Notice that the first <del> does not have a slash mark. This is the opening code and tells the browser what to do. The second </del> does have a slash mark. The slash is very important because it signals to the computer that the task it started (crossing out the word) is now finished. If you don’t put the slash, you’ll be crossing out your whole post.

Also, make sure you close your <>. If you do not, the browser cannot carry out the command properly.


1. Original post in “Compose Post” tab: I want to cross off those this that word.

2. Find text in “Edit HTML” tab and type in <del> and </del> where appropriate : I want to cross off <del>those</del> <del>this</del> that word.

3. Switch back to “Compose Post” tab to see results: I want to cross off those this that word.

To cross out word(s) using WordPress (in the Visual tab), simply highlight the word(s) you want to cross out, then click on the button with ABC a line through it.  (Alternatively, if you write your posts in the Code tab, use the del button to cross out words.)

(WordPress instructions provided by Jordan at Momma Blogga.)

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  1. pam April 16, 2008 / 6:29 am

    Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this one. I found it one day tooling around, but then my old brain forgot it.

    So glad you posted it for posterity here, and I can come back and find it on those days when my brain is as holey as Swiss cheese.

  2. Jamie April 16, 2008 / 1:40 pm

    Typing “strike” exactly as seen with “del” above (with the same brackets and the backslash–I would write it here but I’m not sure it would show the actual code) also works in Blogger. I think it may work in too, but I’m not positive.

    I abuse this little trick. 🙂

  3. Florinda April 16, 2008 / 1:43 pm

    I’ve really wanted to know how to do this, so thank you? Does it work for post titles too?

  4. Marketing Mama April 17, 2008 / 10:45 pm

    Awesome – thank you for posting this! Really cool bloggers do this all the time and I’ve been dying to figure it out myself! 🙂

  5. Angela April 20, 2008 / 9:18 am

    Thanks! I was wondering about this just recently.

  6. Ashley October 23, 2012 / 8:54 am

    Awesome! Thank you for posting this!

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