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Is there any free software I can use to make my own graphics, buttons, and banner?

As a blogger, the time will come when you’re looking to make a custom banner, button, or other graphic.be_creative In fact, you’ve probably seen the custom images that other bloggers create and have wondered how you can do the same without spending heaps of time and money on it.

Let’s face it. Not all bloggers are graphic design students who have the eye for making banners out of scratch or the money for the programs to create complicated but eye-catching designs.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer or have experience in the field to make custom graphics for your own blog. Even better: you don’t have to have any money.

You might start out with simple programs already installed on your computer, like Paint. If you’re looking for something with more options but less work, check out this list of free software to help you create the custom graphics, buttons, banners, and more that you need for your blog.

1) Canva: Create Ads and Social Media Images

Once you’ve discovered Canva, it may become your go-to tool for creating graphics. Start at, where you can instantly sign up for a free account. Next, choose the template you want to work with. Canva’s template options range from Facebook covers to blog graphics to business cards and much more. If you don’t like those options, create your own custom dimensions.

Then, choose from a variety of layout options, add your photos, and arrange your text. Canva offers both free and upgraded options on all of this. As an added bonus, Canva is also available as an iOS app.

2) Da Button Factory: Develop Your Own Buttons

If all you need is a simple “Click Here” or “Buy Now” button, then Da Button Factory is a great place to start. Just choose your text, pick a font, and adjust your colors. Then, you can download the button as a .png file. Simply upload it to your site as you would a regular photo, but be sure to add a link to your button’s landing page.

3) Piktochart: Make a Custom Infographic

If you’re interested in developing infographics for your blog, then Pictochart is a great place to start. While you can upgrade your account for more options, a free account will give you access to templates and icon options to create beautifully crafted infographics.

With resizable canvases and other customization options, Piktochart makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind graphic. Use your infographic to turn regular stat-driven blog posts into something visually appealing or to share company-specific reports with your readers in an easy-to-digest manner.

4) Animoto: Develop Eye-Catching Videos

With a free account at Animoto, you can start creating incredible 30-second videos for ads or just for fun. Animoto isn’t your regular video software where you maticulously piece together different images and text. It’s a lot easier than that, yet you’re likely to get a more appealing video than you could make from scratch.

Start by choosing a video style, and then browse Animoto’s library of images, music, and video clips. You can also upload your own images and add custom text. Then, simply share your video or embed the video into your own website. You can upgrade to $5 per month (cancel at any time) to increase the length of your video and to download the video onto your computer.

5) Prezi: Show Your Content in an Interesting Way

Are you looking to turn your blog posts into something more interesting by using graphics? Prezi is a great online program to get you started. Prezi helps you create unique presentations that, instead of going from slide to slide like PowerPoint, zoom in on different areas of your canvas.

As a Prezi user, you can start with pre-designed templates that already have an attractive visual appeal. Otherwise, start from scratch and use the images, shapes, and text tools to completely customize your canvas. Even if you do start with a pre-made template, the options are fully customizable to help you create a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Use Prezi for:

  • Creating interactive infographic-like content
  • Developing self-guided presentations
  • Turning old blog posts into something new
  • And more!

While you can pay to upgrade your account, you can sign up for free, although all your presentations will be public. One cool thing about Prezis is that you can embed videos directly into your presentation. When you’re ready to present, simply embed your Prezi into your website.

The mentioned free online software programs can turn the novice blogger’s site into something more visually appealing. This alone can boost your social shares and follower conversion rates.

Did we miss a program that you’ve used in the past and liked? Let us know in the comment section what free programs help you create custom graphics for your blog.

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  1. I use Paint Shop Pro and I decided on getting version 8 via Ebay because it has Animation Shop bundled in with it. That was the last version that it came with. Now you have to purchase it separately. I then upgraded about a year later when version 10 came out, but there wasn’t much difference. So I continue to use version 8 for all my graphics and photo editing.

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