My blog is covering several topics. I’d like to start a new blog for my main topics (e.g., a book review blog). Is it possible to transfer my existing posts and comments to a new blog without losing anything?

Moving to Typepad from Blogger allows you to import your content and your comments. You’ll have to get your hands dirty in your code and you’ll definitely want to make a back-up just in case, but it’s really not too hard. Typepad’s instructions are very straight forward.

Unfortunately, Blogger does not have an import feature–either from Blogger to another platform or just one Blogger blog to Blogger blog. The only way to move your posts to a new Blogger blog is to do it manually.

There is a discussion regarding this issue on the Group Help board at Blogger.

If any of our readers have a work-around for this, we’d be interested to hear your thoughts. We ask, though, that you keep in mind this site is for beginners and novices, not coders and experts. Thanks!

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  1. Jane June 8, 2007 / 7:48 am

    Thank you so much for answering this. Much appreciate. love your site.

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