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Tweetdeck is Going Away, Now What?

Tweetdeck being retiredTwitter is known for its inadequate user interface. Most people don’t use the Twitter website to keep up with their stream. Instead, they turn to other apps that are easier to use and allow for monitoring specific lists. One of the most popular apps is Tweetdeck (bought by Twitter in 2011), but Twitter announced that it’s pulling the plug on the Tweetdeck mobile apps and the Tweetdeck AIR tool. iPhone and Android app stores will stop offering the mobile apps in May. They say they’re following the trend of “people using TweetDeck on their computers and Twitter on their mobile devices.”

The good news is that web-based Tweetdeck will still be available or you can use the Chrome app.

Tweetdeck’s not the only game in town, though, and there are a few online tools that allow you to manage more than just your Twitter account — you can manage several social accounts from one dashboard. Here are some choices you may want to check out:

Hootsuite is one of the most popular options out there, and you can use it everywhere: your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, and even Blackberry (do people still have those?). Hootsuite has three different pricing plans (including a free option that’s not too bad). You can schedule updates for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages, and Twitter. Your entire team can collaborate and manage multiple accounts together. You’ll even get custom reports on your progress.

Sprout Social isn’t free and it starts at $39 per month. But each paid plan includes a free personal account for each team member. Like Hootsuite, you can download mobile apps for your iOS and Adroid. Sprout Social gives you everything from social CRM tools to Google Analytics Integration to send time optimization. You can schedule or post real-time to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets and track keywords for free. If you upgrade you can also schedule Facebook updates for your personal profile, fan page, and groups; schedule LinkedIn sharing; and schedule blog posts.

For a list of even more social media tools, please visit and take a look at Janine’s favorite social media tools. You’ll find a lot more than just a few Twitter apps!

Which Twitter options are you using? If you have experience with any of these tools, or can suggest another to try, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Tweetdeck is Going Away, Now What?”

  1. I’m not an obsessed twitter user meaning the day goes by without me twitting so I’m one of the few (if not the only) people who would not miss it. And yes Melanie people still using blackberry I’m using it right now lol

    1. Hahahaha! I think I heard they’ve come out with a new Blackberry.

      Twitter has never been my first love — though I did like it more back in 2007-8 when there were still actual conversations happening.

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  3. I’m very fond of Socialite for Mac. It has a vertical feed instead of a horizontal one and can show everything in your feed or individual accounts. Does twitter, facebook, rss, flickr.

  4. Melanie, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We manage most of our Twitter account (toytasting) with TweetDeck, guess will have to move platforms now.
    You have jotted down some really interesting Twitter tools especially Hootsuite. Btw, have you used Tweet Psych – it is a fun and interesting tool that lets you analyse the personality of your Twitter account. We used this tool to do an analysis on Psychology of Leading Mommy Bloggers –, you might like this

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  6. I use tweetdeck from my computer, glad that isn’t going away. I have hootsuite, but don’t really use it-so Melanie, what do you recommend to use from your phone? I don’t tweet from my phone too much but I need to start using twitter more.

    1. Debbie, I’m the first to admit that Twitter has never been my first love and I’m not a power user. I’m pretty happy just using the Twitter app on my iPhone. I have it set up so it lets me know if someone mentions me in a tweet or is DM’g me. That helps me remember to check it!

      1. Sarah, so I guess you like Hootsuite? I have an account, but I need to use it more. I usually just schedule things in FB since I don’t tweet so much. Sometimes I just get overloaded on all the things I can use to do all the things I need to do!

    2. I use the Twitter app on my phone and TweetDeck’s AIR client on my desktop. When I first read the headlines, I was thinking TweetDeck was going away completely as well, Julie! I was really glad to find out it wasn’t because I love my lists (just like you and Jody). BUT I hate to see the AIR client go away. I really preferred having it open in the background. I suppose now I could just open two different browser windos for Chrome so I don’t have an extra tab. Funny how picky we get about our user experiences, isn’t it?

    3. I use tweetdeck chrome and was concerned when I first saw the announcement. Glad to see I can still use my go-to combo: TD Chrome and Twitter on my iPhone

    4. I use Sprout Social on my phone. But I got out way back when so only pay $9 for it. It can’t view my twitter lists this way, only @ messages and key words. I need to figure out what too use on my phone for lists now… Grrrr…

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