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TypePad for Dummies

OK, I’d love to write a very clever lead-in for this, but I can’t because I’m too excited!

I’ve been asked to write TypePad for Dummies with my very good friend Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer!

You know, the Dummies series of books by Wiley Publishing? The yellow ones? Yep! That’s them! Shannon and I are writing one about TypePad (which is one of the three major blogging platforms I’ve written about in the past).

Shannon and I are excessively excited about this book and we’ve already started writing. In fact, because the project was already green-lighted by the time Shannon and I were brought in, we are on a very tight writing schedule. We need to have everything done by mid-October (about 14 weeks away). As you can imagine, that will be taking a large portion of my time. Things have been a little slow around here and that will continue as I focus my energy on finishing this book. However, I’ll be pulling some things from the archives and answering a few questions here and there. If you’d like to help out by contributing a guest post, I would love to hear your ideas and work something out with you.

6 thoughts on “TypePad for Dummies”

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  2. I think typepad is my favorite platform. I’ve used them all. I’m on blogger now because I’m cheap and I understand html. But I always suggest typepads to bloggers…


  3. That’s wonderful! I use typepad and LOVE it. I know people who want to start blogging and when I tell how easy typepad is, they keep saying all they’ve heard of is blogger & wordpress.
    Can’t wait to direct people to your book,

  4. Congratulations!! That is so awesome. I may be a die-hard WordPress (self-installed) fan, but there are lots of great Typepad users and features. You’ll do a great job!!

  5. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for this project, especially now that I know the people behind it. I love TypePad. They’ve been my blogging platform since I started my blog in 2006. I think their knowledge base is really helpful to beginning bloggers. Still, as I’ve gotten more comfortable blogging, there are changes I’d like to make to my blog layout that I haven’t been able to figure out as easily. I will be anxiously awaiting this book!

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