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Using the Find Shortcut

When you are browsing any page in any browser (as far as I
know–I’ve tried in IE and Firefox) and you’re looking for a particular
word or phrase, you do not have to use the Edit pull-down menu at the
top of the screen. Instead, follow this short-cut:

  1. Hit Control and F at the same time. A little toolbar will pop up at the bottom of your screen with a box for you type in your search term.
  2. Type your search term. The associated word will be highlighted on
    the screen and you’ll find what you’re looking for much faster. If what
    you’re looking for is not on that page you’ll get a little *splat*

Try it and see what happens. You’ll get the drift soon enough, and
then you’ll be hooked. No more going to the Edit pull-down menu like a
sucker for you! You’re all about the short-cuts! You techno-guru! Yeah!

5 thoughts on “Using the Find Shortcut”

  1. Hi I am a fifth grader in SAS. After reading some of your posts, I learned lots of things! Where did you get the information?

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  3. I thought this blog was really helpful. Now instead of opening up another search engine I just hit Ctrl F. Thanks for the info.

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