What is a favicon and how do I make and install one on my blog?

Favicons are the small 16 pixel by 16 pixel pictures you see beside some URLs in your browser’s address bar.
What is a favicon?
There are several tutorials online that will walk you through how to make a favicon and install it on your blog, so we’ll just point you in the right direction!

There are also places online that allow you to upload an image and they’ll make into a favicon for you. There are two things to keep in mind, though: 1.) You’ll still have to insert it into your blog’s template; see the links above for instructions and 2) You should start with a square image for best results.

As you are deciding what picture or graphic to use for your favicon, remember that it needs to be recognizable at a small (16×16) size. My opinion is that a line drawing or cartoon is usually better for a favicon than a photograph.