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What is RSS and How Do I Use It?

Find and subscribe to an RSS feed.

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and it’s a way to have information delivered to you. instead of you having to go find it.

If you’re visiting websites and blogs to see if there is anything new to read, you’re probably wasting a lot of time and not always finding anything new. RSS allows you to subscribe to a blog or website and have any new published information sent to you so you don’t have to go looking for it. For instance, if you sign up for the Blogging Basics 101 feed, then every time I publish a new article you’ll receive it in your feed reader. A feed reader gathers all of your feeds in one place so they’re easy to manage.

 How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed

  1. Install a feed reader (see the list of links below).
  2. Go to a site you want to get updates from and click the button that looks like this:Find and subscribe to an RSS feed.

You may get a page that asks if you want to add the feed to your feed reader. Yep, you do.

Here’s a list of places you can find feed readers to install.

And if you’re more of a visual learner you can watch this video from AOMedia.

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  1. Oh my god!
    Thank you so much for this video, I’ve been wondering around like an idiot trying to figure out what an rss feed was. I thought I could but to tell the truth I couldn’t understand the internet lingo at all. And also, I’m going to start watching tutorials instead of reading them. Thanks again!

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