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What’s the etiquette regarding submitting my own blog posts to social media and networking sites?

Social media and networking sites include kirtsy, Digg,, Plurk, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc. They are a place to mingle and discuss everything from the latest technology to what you’re making for dinner. Many of them (e.g., kirtsy and Digg) rely on readers voting for their favorite stories by visiting the submissions. The result can be an boost in traffic for you.

So is it frowned upon to submit your own articles? Do you have to wait to be discovered by someone and then submitted? No. Everyone submits their own articles at some point. Like everything, though, the way you do it matters. If the only time you are interacting on these sites is to promote yourself, your promotion may backfire. Become a part of the community by providing feedback for others, voting on other stories, etc. The more you’re out there making a difference and interacting, the more you’re noticed and known.

When you are deciding what article(s) to submit, consider a few things:

  1. Does the article fit with the social network? kirtsy is generally for women and about women (men are there, but they are the minority); Digg deals with a lot of science, politics, and technology and not so much with mommy blogs. Do some research before you randomly submit your article.
  2. Does the article have a wide reach? You may be a mommy blogger and think that’s a narrow niche. However, if you have an article that is universal in its teaching or humor, it may do well in a social environment.

If the submission takes off, you’ll definitely get a boost in traffic because people will be clicking through to your site. If it doesn’t take off, well, try again with another article. Self-promotion is an important part of successful blogging (whatever that means). You can’t be afraid to get out there and tell people about something you’re proud of. On the other hand, constant bragging or not catering to the SM audience can backfire.

Before I left the house to play at a friend’s house, my dad would always say to me, “Don’t make a spectacle of yourself.” Good advice. And so I say to you, “Have fun, but don’t make a spectacle of yourself.”

3 thoughts on “What’s the etiquette regarding submitting my own blog posts to social media and networking sites?”

  1. I am overwhelmed by all the social sites out there. I am trying to pick a few and participate as much as possible. Starting a new blog is overwhelming in itself, then trying to promote it while you are trying to participate in other blogs is a full time job!

  2. I’ve always thought that submitting your own article is a bit tacky. I don’t know, maybe it’s my own hang-ups about “pimping” (hate that word) your site, but it is a fine line. I submit articles at a site where the self-promotion is rampant, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. There are so many social sites popping up that the trick is to find the site that matches your style. You can’t possible participate in all the sites. Then become a member of the community.

    Don’t think just about yourself.

    When you find a great post, submit it to the site. This can attract the attention of other bloggers, who then start visiting your site and start submitting your site.

    This is one of the time it really pays off to think of others before yourself. Then if you have a particularly good post, you can post it without anything to worry about.

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