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Writing effective links for your audience and SEO

This is a short and simple tip. When you are writing your post and need to insert a link, consider how you are going to write that sentence and where you will include the link. For example, which of these is more effective (potential links in bold)?

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The top sentence is more effective for your audience because it tells you exactly what they need to do. It’s also effective for SEO purposes because search engine spiders are looking for unique word strings. Strings like “click here” or even just the word “here” linked to other files or pages are everywhere on the web. Make your pages stand out by being more descriptive with your links. Help the search engines catalog your site effectively.

11 thoughts on “Writing effective links for your audience and SEO”

  1. Just found this site. I was looking up “putting links into your blog post” and up you came. It obviously works and other content is also valuable. The advice on “search strings” is right on the money – literally.

  2. Something I just realised I’ve always done.. To me it just looks akward with ‘here’ and ‘click this’ links… like their not realy trying.

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