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I would like to add a blog roll to my site, will you please post step-by-step instructions on doing this?

Before you begin making your blog roll, it may be helpful to type up a list of the blog names (and their URLs) you want to include.


  1. Sign in to your Blogger account and click on Layout.
  2. On the Template tab choose Page Elements.
  3. On your sidebar click Add a Page Element.
  4. Find the Link List option and click Add to Blog.
  5. In the Title field type Blog Roll (or whatever you’d like the list to be called).
  6. In the New Site URL box type in the URL of the site you want to include in your blog roll (e.g.,
  7. In the New Site Name box type the title of the blog you are including (e.g., Blogging Basics 101).
  8. Click Add Link.
  9. You can continue to add more blog links to your list by repeating steps 6-8.
  10. When you have finished adding all the blogs to your blog roll click Save Changes.


  1. Log in to your Typepad account and click on Weblogs.
  2. Click on the Typelists tab.
  3. Create a new Links list and name it what you’d like your blog roll to be called.
  4. In the Title field type the name of the blog you are including in your list.
  5. In the URL field type the URL of that blog.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To add another blog to the list click Add Item and repeat steps 4-6.
  8. When all the blogs you want to include have been added to your list click the Publish tab.
  9. Choose which blog(s) you want your blog roll to appear on and click Save Changes. The new Typelist will appear on your blog’s sidebar. You can use

Weblogs > Design > Current Design > Order Content

to change the placement of your blog roll on your sidebar.


(These instructions provided by Jordan at Momma Blogga.)

  1. Sign in to your account and click on Blogroll.
  2. Select the Add Link tab.
  3. In the Name field, type the name of the blog or blogger (Blogging Basics 101).
  4. In the Address field, type the URL of the blog (
  5. In the Description field, if desired, type a brief description of the blog ("help for bloggers" or "blogging for beginners").
  6. Click Add Link to add the link to your blogroll.

WordPress extras:

  • To rename your blogroll, go to Manage > Categories.  Click Edit on the Blogroll line.  Type the new name in the Category name field; click Edit Category to save it.
  • To edit or delete blogs on your blogroll, go to Blogroll > Manage Blogroll.  Click Edit or Delete, to edit or delete, or use the check boxes and Delete Checked Links button to delete multiple blogs.
  • If you wanted to add all the blogs from your feed reader to your blogroll, you can save your blogs in your feed reader as an OPML file on your computer and go to Blogroll > Import Links to import them all.
  • To have multiple blogroll categories (for example, a "Favorite Knitting Blogs" and a "Favorite Mommy Blogs" list), create a new category under Manage > Categories.  Then go back to Blogroll > Add Link and check the box next to your new category in the box on the right side.

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