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I have many awards that are on my sidebar and I wanted to create a separate page on my blog for them. Can you tell me how to do that?

Moving these awards and graphics off your sidebar is a good idea–it will help declutter your design! (Pay no attention to my own sidebars; do as I say, not as I do!)

TypePad offers a feature that allows you to make a page instead of a blog post. Pages are great for things like blogrolls, listing awards and recognition, or anything else that is fairly static but may need to be updated periodically. Pages also allow you to choose a specific name/permalink. For instance, if you are making a page for your awards, you can choose to call it awards/. The name is descriptive and easy to remember. It’s worth noting that Pages do not show up in your blog’s feed.

  1. Go to the Compose Tab.
  2. Click New Page.
  3. Compose your page as you would any other blog post. You can add a title, headings and sub-headings, graphics, and links.
  4. Scroll down to the area below your textbox (where you compose your post). You should see a box with Filename above it.
  5. Type the filename you’d like your page to have (e.g., awards). You don’t have to type / because that will automatically be part of the URL.
  6. Save your page.

From what I can tell, Blogger does not offer a way to make a page like TypePad does. However, you can get around this.

  1. Compose a new post listing your awards. You can put the award picture, a link, whatever you think is appropriate.
  2. Save and publish your post.
  3. Find and copy your new post’s permalink.
  4. Go to the Layout tab.
  5. Click on Add a Gadget in your sidebar.
  6. Choose Link List by clicking on the + sign.
  7. Paste your post’s permalink in the New Site URL box.
  8. Type Blog Awards (or whatever title you want that page to have) in the New Site Name box.
  9. Click Add Link.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Move the new gadget/link list to its proper place in your sidebar (simply click and drag up or down in your sidebar on the Layout tab).
  12. On the Layout tab page, click Save.

6 thoughts on “I have many awards that are on my sidebar and I wanted to create a separate page on my blog for them. Can you tell me how to do that?”

  1. yes, aparnaa, i have done it and backdated it way far back so it doesn’t show up. it is a little weird, tho, when you look at the archives, that there appears to be a post from 1999 or whenever…just one hanging out there…but it’s really not noticeable and then it doesn’t seem to mess with feedreaders.

    i’ve used this method with blogger for anything i wanted to be a “page” on its own — about me, comment policy, awards, etc.

    it took me a while to figure it out tho, so this is a great topic for a post!

  2. Nice Article. I have been redesigning my blog so that it will stay simple and easy to navigate. Your blog design is simple too. Like google search engine simple but tons of traffic.

  3. I have been planning to do this. I believe you can backdate the post using the posting options so that it doesn’t appear in the recent archives.

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