7 Ways to Boost Your Success as a Blogger

All bloggers have one thing in common: they want their blog to succeed. For most bloggers, success means converting loyal followers. No matter when or why you started your blog, a few tweaks here and there to your blog and your attitude can change things for the better. Check out our list of seven tips to help you succeed as a blogger. 1. Find a Niche This little bit of advice has been bouncing around the Internet since the dawn of the first successful blog. Still, a lot of newbie bloggers Read more [...]

Blog Design: Keep It Clutter-Free and User-Friendly

As Time.com reports, 55 percent of users spend fewer than 15 active seconds on a web page. If you're going to capture readers' attention and keep them engaged, what do you think will do the trick first? Is it your catchy headline? Is it your first line of text? Is it that killer content everyone is telling you to write? While quality content definitely does something for your blog, it isn't the first thing that's going to keep web users on your page. What is, then? The answer is Read more [...]